The Remarkable First Novel
From Perry Martin Is NOW AVAILABLE!

Kindle, Nook and PDF available
at the SPECIAL LOW PRICE of $2.00
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” ‘Pretty Flamingo’ is a captivating, emotional read that sucks the reader into a world of passion, romance, horror, betrayal, and hope! Perry Martin is an author who gives us all this with a masterful delivery that left me hoping his next book won’t be too long coming!” Patricia Paris Author of “This Time Forever”

“Want to thrill yourself with a book that’s going to go places once the word gets out? Pick up ‘Pretty Flamingo’ and enjoy an adventurous dual ride in the landscapes of Australia and Orange County, Calif. — and the inner recesses of memory, delivered as only an Australian who once played music for the troops in Vietnam could give you.”  Robert Yehling Writer/Reviewer “Word Journeys”

‘Pretty Flamingo’ is a beautifully written book, full of hidden memories and secrets buried long ago. Perry Martin’s words are haunting, floating across the pages as you sink into the world of his main character. If you are searching for an intriguing read, one that draws you in to the repressed mind of a man struggling to recall portions of his life long forgotten, then this book is for you!” Ashley Fontainne Author of “Accountable to None”

“A truly remarkable, unforgettable story.” Karen Buckton Screenwriter

“Perry Martin’s first novel is beautifully written with the innocence of youth that pulls you back to relive teenage love but then goes on to a deeper and more meaningful connection between two souls. It has all the qualities a good book needs to keep you enthralled while discovering the trauma and triumphs as the journey unfolds. The characters are so well portrayed you feel you know them and your emotions will be on a roller coaster until the very end. You are left with more than the satisfaction of a good book but also the possibility of a timeless never ending love.”   Deborah R.











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